Members & Ownership Management FAQs
Commonly asked questions about Squad members and ownership management.

How do I add/remove Squad members?

Follow the steps here to add/remove Squad members.

How does adding new people to my Squad change the multi-sig requirement?

When you add new people to your Squad, the creator of the transaction can change the multi-sig threshold.

My Squad members put in different ETH amounts. How do we track % ownership?

The % ownership is recorded in the “Members” view and is based on the amount of ETH contributed from your wallet. You can see each Squad member and track contributions proportionally based on how much ETH they’ve contributed to the Squad.
Any time a profit is made, it’s distributed based on the contributions. We’re working on building a more sophisticated accounting system that will be live soon for users who want to contribute with multiple wallets.

How do top-ups work?

The ownership % adjusts automatically if you add more ETH, take some out, etc.
Yes, you can override the recommended signer count through a proposal; however, we don’t recommend this.
To override, go to your Squad homepage, click “Add Proposal”, and then click on “Modify signer count.” From there, click on “Custom” to customize the amount of signers you want to have for your Squad. On the next page, you can confirm details before hitting “Propose”, which proposes the new signer count to your Squad. Check out our step-by-step guide here.

How does disbanding my Squad and/or passing ownership work?

To disband your Squad, you would need to sell all of your Squad’s assets and make a distribution based on the % ownership of the Squad.
There's no seamless way to pass ownership at the moment — it would occur once one member leaves with their share of ETH and another member joins the Squad.