Ownership Management
Say goodbye to spreadsheets โ€“ learn how we make it super simple and fun for you to manage Squad ownership.

Adding New Members After Your First Purchase

To learn how to add new member(s) to your Squad, visit this page.
Ownership is distributed proportionally to Squad members based on the amount of ETH they have contributed.
Here's an example of how the accounting would work after a new member joins a Squad that has completed a first purchase: suppose Squad members contributed 2ETH, 1ETH and 1ETH towards a purchase, then the % ownership would be mapped as 50%, 25% and 25%. If a new member comes in and contributes 1ETH, the new member's stake would be 20%, and the remaining members' stake would be 40%, 20% and 20%.

Contribution Mapping

Deposits that are not from your main wallet or contributors from outside the Squad will be listed in the "Other contributors" section in the "Members" tab.
To include non-Squad members when calculating ownership, click the checkbox that says "Include non-squad members for ownership calculation" underneath the list of Squad members.
In-kind NFT deposits will appear in your Squad in the "NFTs" tab, which can be located from your Squad's homepage.

Ownership and Distributions

The % ownership is recorded in the โ€œMembersโ€ tab and is based on the amount of ETH contributed from your wallet. You can locate the "Members" tab by navigating to your Squad's homepage and clicking on "Members."
You can see each Squad member and track contributions proportionally based on how much ETH theyโ€™ve contributed to the Squad. When a profit is made, it's distributed based on the contributions.
Currently, there are three ways to track and sort contributions:
  1. 1.
    Approvals: High to Low
    Sorts Squad members based on the total number of approvals they have made on various Squad proposals.
  2. 2.
    % Ownership: High to Low
    Sorts Squad members based on the % ownership they have in the Squad.
  3. 3.
    ETH Contributed: High to Low
    Sorts Squad members based on the amount of ETH they have contributed to the Squad.
You can easily go between the three options by clicking on the drop-down menu in the "Members" tab.

Closing Your Squad

To close your Squad, you would need to sell all of your Squadโ€™s assets and make a distribution to members based on the % ownership of the Squad.


Buying or selling NFTs is treated as a capital gain/loss taxable event. For NFTs you have bought, you will be taxed on how much the price has appreciated since when you first bought ETH to when you used it to buy the NFT. For NFTs you have sold, you will be taxed on how much the ETH price appreciated from the time you first bought the NFT to the time you sold it.