Voting on Proposals
Commonly asked questions about proposing an NFT for your Squad to purchase.
Proposals are how most things get done on Squads. Any member can submit a proposal for review. All proposals have to be voted on. In order for a proposal to be approved, you must cross the signer threshold of votes that you have set out with your Squad (.e.g 3 out of 5 signatures).

How do I add a proposal?

To propose an NFT for your Squad to purchase, simply go to your Squad’s homepage and click on “Add Proposal.” From there, click on “Purchase NFT” and paste in the OpenSea link of your proposed NFT.
As soon as you paste in the link, you will be able to see a preview of your NFT, as well as important information such as the collection name and the target price. Once you hit “Propose Purchase”, just sign a one-time key and your NFT proposal will be live for your Squad to check out!

How do I delete a proposal?

In order to delete a NFT proposal, simply open the proposal page for the NFT and click on the three dots next to “Share Proposal”. Hit delete, sign a one-time key, and your proposal will successfully be deleted.

If I have multiple proposals in the queue, how will they be executed?

Proposals are executed in increasing nonce order, so in order to execute a later proposal, you would need to clear the existing ones first.